2020 AWCON cancellation upsets Togo coach Kai

Togo coach Tomety Kaï is unhappy CAF has cancelled the 2020  African Women’s Cup of Nations.

Speaking to the media in Lome, the gaffer explained her disappointment.

”The cancellation of the competition is a great regret for me. Indeed participation in this competition should bring a plus to Togolese football,” Kai said.

“It is the second time that Togo will take part in this kind of competition and not play, it makes a pinch to the heart.”

“The players and the staff really awaited these matches, against Niger then Nigeria in particular. I told myself that if we play these four games, it would have a considerable impact on the players of the selection and then on the women’s clubs of Togo.

”That would change a lot of things in terms of the perception that we have of Togolese women’s football, but alas. CAF has decided otherwise, we respect this decision. We are going to get back to work for upcoming meetings.”

The decision was taken by CAF after an Executive Council video conference on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Naa Bardina
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