2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Australian co-host bid has government support

The Football Federation Australia says it has government’s support for a joint bid with New Zealand for the hosting rights of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

This comes shortly after Brazil pulled out of the race to host the flagship women’s football event citing financial constraints due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Rather than having a similar situation as Brazil, FFA chief executive, James Johnson stated the Australian government is committed to supporting the soccer body in bidding and hosting the world cup successfully.

“Our government support is as strong as ever,” Johnson told AAP.

“We certainly believe that a successful FIFA Women’s World Cup bid would help the federal and state governments and would help support many industry sectors.

“There would be a lot of positive economic and social opportunities leading up to 2023 and the commitments – and there are commitments from the government – are in place subject to winning the hosting rights.

“What the Women’s World Cup would do for Australia and New Zealand is we would see 1.5 million spectators that would attend matches.

“This would be across 12 separate host cities – seven of which would be here in Australia. We’re forecasting that there would be a $460m social and economic benefit from hosting the tournament

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