Andrew Pragnell Talks About Tremendous Benefits Of 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

New Zealand Football CEO Andrew Pragnell was confident the world’s biggest event in women’s sport would be a real game changer.

“Yeah, there are many reasons, firstly the size and scale of the event is something we’ve never seen the likes of in this country,” Pragnell said.

“It’s going to bring down the best athletes in the world to play in our backyard, inspirational role models from around the world young kids can watch and learn from. It also brings tourists from around the world, and could create a real legacy for football in the country.

“It will bring investment into the sport and puts a real spotlight on the women’s game as well, there’s so much to look forward to.”

Though the World Cup is still three years away, Pragnell believed that organising a world class event on such a scale would be a massive undertaking.

“Yeah it will come around quickly won’t it. We would love a little bit more time but actually because the key infrastructures are in place we think we can do it and run the best Women’s World Cup ever.

“It will be the biggest sporting event New Zealand has ever hosted from a global perspective, and the way it’s growing maybe the biggest event we ever host.

“1.1 billion people watched the last Women’s World Cup and it’s growing exponentially, so if we keep tracking that way, the only way is up; 260 million watched the final, so we are talking about huge, huge global audiences, some of the fans who follow the teams are massive.

“The US team alone had a fanbase of 30,000 following them around, so, huge numbers.”

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