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William Gallas criticises Arsenal defence

Speaking to Genting Casino, the ex-Arsenal defender believes his former side are missing an experienced head in defence as he criticised the roles White, Saliba and summer signing Zinchenko played in each of the goals Arsenal conceded at Old Trafford.

Gallas said: “When you go to play against any of the big teams in the Premier League, you need players with personality and character to get anything from those games. I naturally look at the defenders. On Sunday, the performance showed me that Arsenal are still missing an experienced defender at the back.

“When Arsenal were suffering for a few moments, you need your players to show leadership – talk to each other – you need players that can take on the responsibility and dig in for a period. Arsenal didn’t do that. When I watched the game, at the beginning I thought to myself that Arsenal were looking very strong and looked like they were going to get a result. They were playing very good football and defended very compactly before United scored.

“I thought Arsenal looked like they were ready to take all of the points, but sadly, I saw the same small mistakes that we’ve seen from Arsenal before and you can’t make these types of errors against the best teams because you will get punished. On the first goal, Zinchenko had a moment to forget.

“He was caught out of possession and Antony was left on his own for an easy finish. The second and third goal – they were very similar in terms of errors being made.

“Against Manchester United, at Old Trafford, you can’t concede those types of goals, especially the second and the third one. That was a big mistake of Saliba and Ben White – they didn’t communicate properly and they conceded because of it. Their positioning was poor.”

“I don’t understand why Arsenal played with a line that high when there was time for them to come back into the game – it was unnecessary to play so high.

“Teams should only concede this type of goal when they are chasing a game in stoppage time, not when there is 15 minutes left to play! I’m a little bit disappointed for them because they went to Old Trafford with a great spirit – top of the league and confident – and played really well to begin with.

“But the story is the same; they conceded three goals and lost three one. It looks like that against the biggest teams, away from home, Arsenal are still going to have difficulties.”

Former French football player William Gallas attends France national team training session ahead of international friendly football match against Russia on March 26, 2018 at Saint Petersburg Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia. (Photo by Mike Kireev/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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