Arsene Wenger – ‘it’s important to develop women’s football’ after taking FIFA role

FIFA chief for global football development Arsene Wenger says he is keen to develop the women’s game in his new role.

The 70-year-old was recently linked to a coaching role at German side Bayern Munich, but will now take up his new role at FIFA and is keen to ‘drive the growth and development of the sport for both men and women around the world’.

In an interview with the sport’s world governing body, Wenger said: “I want to share what I have learned and I want to share the knowledge I have of the game I love.

“Maybe one of the best positions to do that is at Fifa. I feel it is a position where I can help football to grow. Hopefully in quality and in knowledge.

“Some of the duties are to contribute to the development of both men’s and women’s football. That’s very important.

“We have seen recently with the Women’s World Cup that it is a global sport but I believe there is lots still to do. I think I can bring my ideas to that, how to analyse the games and the performances of individual players.”

It is not yet known whether Wenger will be able to take up a managerial role alongside his appointment at FIFA.

Source: newschain

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