Barclays sign new three-year agreement to expand role as lead partner of Women in Football

Barclays and Women in Football have announced a new three-year partnership.

Women in Football (WiF) is an organisation consisting of a network of professionals working in and around the football industry to increase participation, celebrate successes, and remove discrimination around the women’s game.

The partnership with Barclays will allow the organisation to expand its leadership courses further around the country. The first of these will be in February 2020 in Manchester.

It was also facilitate the connection of more women to positions in and around football.

Ebru Köksal, chair of WiF said they were ‘delighted’ to have signed the deal, adding: “We have a long-standing working relationship with Barclays, who have been unwavering in their support of the work of Women in Football. ”

“This commitment presents us with a fantastic opportunity to push forward with great momentum, offering opportunities, training and support for girls and women in and around the football industry.”

WiF CEO, Jane Purdon was full of praise for Barclays, saying: “They have made an unprecedented commitment to football as a whole – men’s and women’s – and we are delighted to have this opportunity to work with them for the next three years.”

In March, Barclays were unveiled as the first title sponsor of The Women’s Super League, in what was described by the FA’s director of the women’s professional game, Kelly Simmons, as a “landmark moment” and they are are hoping to use this opportunity to expand on this.

“Together with our long-term partnership with the Premier League this all helps us deliver on our ambition to create opportunities with football,” said Tom Corbett, Head of Group Sponsorship at Barclays.

Source: NewsChain

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