Black Queens midfielder Priscilla Okyere speaks on her career struggles

Every individual has a dream, pursuing that dream comes with challenges as the road will not always be straight but passion is what keeps you moving.

Ghana International Priscilla Okyere says she plays football for the passion: “I play football for the passion because that’s what I love doing”

In an interview with CAF online, Okyere stated that, she comes from a family of six, three brothers and three sisters and growing up as a young talented female footballer wasn’t easy because her dad wasn’t supportive and society criticised her as well.

“When you’re a woman and you want to play football people will criticise you because they think football is only for men.  In my family my dad was not supportive my mom was also 50-50 because if my father doesn’t want me to play she can’t push me because there is no money” she said.

The Black Queens midfielder added that, back in school she got motivated to play when she saw the guys in action.

Okyere idolizes ex-France captain and current Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane even though there’s gender difference.

“I was watching Zinedine Zidane so I chose him as my role model even though I’m a female but I chose Zidane because I like the way he plays and anytime I see him play I love it and I see that passion so I wanted to also oneday become like him,” she added.

She lamented that there is no work on earth which is meant for a particular gender.

“There’s no work on this earth which is only meant for men”

In concluding, Okyere encouraged her fellow girls who want to be professional footballers not to give up no matter what the situation may be.

“People will start criticizing, people will start saying what they know but they shouldn’t give up on their dreams because I know that if they push hard, if they fight for what they believe in one day we’re all going to smile and we’re all going to be happy and they’ll see their dreams come true,” she concluded.

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