The much anticipated Normalization Committee Women Special Competition kicked off at the various match centers over the weekend but not without controversy.

NB Sports can exclusively report that LadyStrikers used a registered goalkeeper is an outfield player in their shock win against Hasaacas Ladies on Saturday.

But the blot on the landscape was when registered goalkeeper, Nabbone Winnifred featured in the clash with Hasaacas as an outfield player.

She replaced Abigail Sarkordie as the game ensued, Nabbone Winnifred was deployed as an offensive midfielder by coach Baaba Cornelius.

It is unknown why LadyStrikers took this decision to deploy a goalie as an outfield player.

When NB Sports quizzed the custodian, she claims she was only informed to dress as an outfield player when they were about come to the field.

She said she was happy to play as an outfield player despite not being familiar with the role she was asked to play.

According to information gathered about Nabbone Winnifred, she used to play as an attacker during her formative years before she was converted to a goalie.