Women’s League Clubs in Brazil get $3.6 m financial cushion to fight Covid-19

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) is to give 140 clubs from the lower divisions and women’s leagues a lump sum aimed at helping them survive the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, the organisation said on Monday.

The 19 million reais ($3.6 million) will go to 88 clubs in the third and fourth tier of the men’s leagues and the 52 teams in the top two women’s divisions.

“We’re living through an unprecedented moment of global crisis, whose extension and consequences are still incalculable,” CBF president Rogerio Caboclo said.

“It’s therefore necessary to act with reason and responsibility. Our objective with these measures is to provide direct and immediate help.”

Each team in the third tier Serie C will get 200,000 reais ($37,800), while each of the 68 clubs in the Serie D will receive 120,000 reais.

The 16 teams in the A1 top women’s division will get 120,000 reais and 50,000 reais will go to each of the 36 teams in the A2 second division.

Each of the state federations that are members of the CBF will get 120,000 reais.

Clubs in the second tier Serie B had already been given an advance on their expected revenue from the league’s TV deal worth 600,000 reais each.

All clubs will be exempt from fees normally paid on transfers and registrations, the CBF added.

Naa Bardina
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