British athlete calls for male competitors to be more “respectful” during marathons

British long-distance runner Lily Partridge has called for female athletes to be better protected during marathon races.

Partridge took to social media to describe an experience which isn’t “uncommon” when she ran a half marathon last month. She said: “The start was very dangerous for women,” and many were “pushed around” with some “suffering heavy falls”.

She has asked for male competitors to be more “respectful” to women during the races.

She continued: “All I ask is that male runners be an ally to women and let this sport be a safe and happy space for everyone.

“I’m happy to spar with you in races/training, push each other to great performances and shake your hand at the finish, but this isn’t ok. Please be respectful.

“I hope it is sorted next time and the elite women are given a designated space on the start line.”

One of her followers, who is also an athlete, responded to her post and commented: “I was in the elite start of Leeds Abbey last month and the treatment by the males trying to get by for a start space was the worst I’d ever experienced. It really shocked and worried me.”

Source: NewsChain

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