CAF Women’s Champions League: Aisha Falode speaks on financial support


Chairperson of the Nigeria Women’s Football League, Aisha Falode has outlined various strategies for clubs to secure funds for the CAF Women’s Champions League.

She said: ”If you want to play the CAF Women’s Champions League, you really must also come up with strategies to make it easier for funding both for the countries and for the teams that would participate. I think this would be the next stage for us to address.”

”The question of funding and support for the teams that would play in the Champions League and the model that is to be adopted for playing the league.

”Are you going to start from zones? When you have the zonal champions, would you then converge all zonal champions to a location where they play for the trophy? These are all the modalities that CAF must now seat down with the Women’s Football Department of the Confederation to sort of brainstorm about to come up with the best and the easier and pocket-friendly funding for the teams that would participate in the competition.

“I look forward to it as the Chairperson of the Nigeria Women’s Football League, NWFL, the oldest league in Africa, and the pioneers of women’s football in Africa. I am excited about it and I think all the lovers, and stakeholders that really want women’s football to develop and grow and be among the best in the world should commend and applaud CAF for.”

With the attention of FIFA now on women’s football with recent grants, Falode asserted that it will be laudable for CAF to capitalize on the current opportunities to work towards new competitions and initiatives for the development of women’s football in Africa.

”Africa should not be reactive to the direction and global growth of women’s football. We must also begin to think about how we can be proactive. In a year when you have women who are being given the opportunity to participate in the highest level of governance in world sports and football in particular.

”You can see that only recently the FIFA Council is beginning to think of how to give some kind of intervention for its Member Associations to grow the game in this uncertain time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Special consideration was given to women in addition to what was said to be given to the Member Associations.

”On top of what is being proposed to be given, you are going to have $500,000 as an additional grant specifically tailored towards the women’s game.

”With this, this is just the best time for CAF to not only key into the direction and the strategy and the global outlook because they are to chart for the women’s game now. They should also be among the leaders of such proposals regarding activation, leveraging, and initiating new projects and competitions for the game in our continent.

”UEFA and AFC now have Women’s Champions League which is attracting players from different parts of the world, and giving exposure to players in those regions.

Madam Falode has won admiration across Nigeria and beyond for her management style at the level of the NWFL.

These days, the Women’s Championship in Nigeria is a reference to many if not all on the continent and beyond.

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