COSAFA: South Africa To defend COSAFA Trophy

There will be a great show today during the inaugural day of the COSAFA Women Championship version 2019. In opening game, Zimbabwe will face Angola at 10am. It will then be the turn of Malawi and Madagascar to speak before South Africa, defending title against the Comoros. Wolfson Stadium will host these three games.

A balanced duel is expected between Zimbabwe and Angola. Malawi, for its part, will have to avoid falling into the trap that will spread to Madagascar. South Africa, which has just participated in the Women’s World Cup, will largely favor against the Comoros who will be a little discovery mode in this competition.

Brilliant winners of Cameroon at the end of the last edition, the Banyana Banyana are determined to keep their crown and to sit a little more their domination in this part of Africa. We remember that South Africa, trained by Desire Ellis, had had a difficult start in the tournament last year before progressively gaining momentum and winning the title on arrival even though they suffered a great deal during the final.

This Wednesday, South Africans will have an easy opponent on paper because for the Comoros, women’s football is in its infancy. This will be the first participation of Coelacanths. Nevertheless, motivation is present and the desire to make a good tournament is in everyone’s head.

Madagascar failed to win a three-game victory last year. An error that the formation of the Big Island will attempt to correct this time. Malawi is also a good team. The Flames did not come to make the figuration. They hope to bring back some victories to the country. To a greater extent, Malawians have more experience than their rivals but watch out for any surprises.

Unlike its men’s team, Zimbabwe, women’s version, is slow to find a place in the region. The Warriors, however, have a team with enormous potential. But they still struggle to dictate their law in the competition. Angola will not come with the flower to the gun either. The Angolans want to shine and their mission begins this Wednesday.

Naa Bardina
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