Covid 19 – Shepolopolo’s “Margaret Belemu” helps community with PPE & others

The Shepolopolo star, Margaret Belemu who plays for Red Arrows women’s team took time off her personal training during the corona lockdown to help her community by donating facemasks and Hungry Lion food packs to her former school under a project called “My Pride in partnership with Hungry Lion”.

Maggie said that the donation helped her a lot in so many ways such as, accomplishing one of her goals which is to help out to the community in any possible way. She added that she is still planning to do more than what I did because helping the needy is one of her heart desires and any opportunity do so makes her happy.

The Chipolopolo and Red Arros Star added that she would like to encourage people to have a giving hand and help those in need especially this period when people are not easily finding food because God blesses a hand that gives than the one that receives. It doesn’t matter how hard the time may be, she said.

To the fans, Maggie said,”I want to say thank you to my fans for the love and support you gave me and my whole team at large for the time we play football together especially the national team as playing against Cameroon with one heart was not easy but team work helped us qualify to the Olympics.

” Red Arrows star added that the support she’s receiving even now can be seen through her fans reactions to her training videos every time she posts.

Maggie has kept her daily training sessions seriously ad its helping her to stay fit and ready when the league resumes.

Naa Bardina
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