Covid-19 – Spain-based Lily Niber Lawrence shares lockdown experience

Spain is one of the worst hit countries by the global health scare, coronavirus, and Ghanaians living in the European country have been left terrified.

NBSPORTS has been able to get in touch with the Black Queens and Extramadura Feminino player Lily Niber Lawrence to share her experience.

According to Lily; several cases have been recorded in the capital  Madrid, but fortunately there’s no recorded case in the town where she lives.

The whole of Spain is in lockdown as part of preventive measures to curb the situation making her football club also breaking for over a month.

She added that the government of Spain announced to every household to stock groceries when there was a rise in number of contracted patients.

Although one can go out, when been caught without any reason you are going to be fined.

Furthermore, she said there are no recreational activities hence indoor exercise is what she does when she feels lonely at home since watching television frightens her because of the rapid increase in recorded cases and deaths.

She then concluded by advising family and friends back at home to take precaution and adhere to measures to prevent contracting the virus.

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