Covid19 – Kenya Women Premier League players to benefit from ministry stimulus

It has been confirmed that the Women Premier League (WPL) players and club officials will benefit from the ministry’s stimulus packages.

Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed announced that players and officials from 12 Kenyan Premier League (KPL)  clubs would receive Sh 10,000 for two months,  with a possibility of an extension to a third month, as part of Covid-19 stimulus package from the Sports Fund. 

“All the 16 WPL clubs will also benefit from the stimulus packages for a similar amount and for the same duration. There is no difference in the number of persons, per team, who are listed to receive the tokens as well,” said the ministry’s chief of staff Rose Wachuka.

This alleviated fears that WPL would be left out like it was in the case when betting firm Betika accorded KPL and NSL players Sh 5,000 tokens. 

The CS said that a verified list of 420 KPL persons will benefit. With Wachuka’s confirmation an additional 560 WPL players and officials will be cushioned from the effects of the pandemic that saw sporting activities grounded since March.  

“We have agreed that we are starting with KPL because we know the difficulty they are going through. After verification, we have come up with a final list of those footballers suffering the most. We will begin with them and continue rolling out the program for the next 15 days while taking stock  

“We have a verified list. Previously we had a list with exaggerated numbers before we verified and got the real numbers,” she added.

This translates to Sh 11.2 million for the women and Sh 8.4 million for the men’s sides for two months. 

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