DCI’s Bor challenges juniors to make better career choices – The Star Kenya

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation coach Daniel Bor insists young players need proper guidance and a stable mentality to make correct transfer decisions at the club level.

Bor said junior athletes have over the years made wrong decisions-failing to heed the calls of their mentors hence making their careers stall.

The Kenya Volleyball Federation League is flocked mostly with players from high school whose naivety in decision-making has been questioned.

“Players need education on what is right for them at a tender age which in most cases determines their future,” Bor explains. “Mentors must impart knowledge to the athletes, guide them on what is best for them in matters club careers for them to realise their potential.’

DCI has lost players to superior clubs like KCB and Kenya Pipeline but some of those players ended up returning back. Marion Indeche is a notable example. 

“Sometimes it’s about incentives. Players must be comfortable in terms of remuneration but that should not be the overriding interest. Some players have gone and come back. Maybe what they thought was a good move for them later turned sour,” said Bor.

Left-attacker Jemimah Siangu, who joined from KCB is among the 14 players currently at Kenya Police Training College, Kiganjo undertaking a nine-month course. Bor said the decision by the sleuths to incorporate the 14 into their program is a good move that will motivate others to join them in the future.

“Sometimes some matters are beyond our control but the good gesture by the management further highlights their commitments to seeing the team grow and develop,” said Bor.

“We already have a quality squad but those players at Kiganjo will make us a nightmare team to our opponents.”

Bor hinted they will scout for more players at the national secondary school games slated for Nakuru starting on Thursday.  

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