Don’t Hide Injuries From Medical Team, Queens Team Doctor Tells Players.

Superintendent Dr. Kate Agyemang-Boachie, the team Physician for the senior female national soccer team the Black Queens has advised footballers to have the courage to report injuries to their respective medical team for the necessary steps when they go for national assignment, adding that stressing continious playing through injuries blight the bright career of players.

The Team Physician who doubles as a Family Physician with the Ghana Police Service was reacting to a plethora of injuries that has bedeviled the three female national teams, Black Maidens, Princesses and Queens.

Dr A-Boachie noted that some players for fear of losing out on the national list hide injuries from the medical teams of the national teams.

“The fact a player has an injury doesnt mean authomatically the team doctor,nurse and physiotherapist will recommend that the player is axed from camp so we are encouraging players to bring their injuries out” she said.

“At the beginning of camping, players are advised to bring  any injury they may be nursing out. Injured players are assessed and often aggressive conservative treatment/ rehabiliation is started to get them fit to play. Usually, majority of the injuries are not so severe to warrant a player being sent home from national team camp yet,  some players will still hide their injuries; sometimes no amount of medical manoeuvres  conducted on those hiding injuries yeild the expected response” – Dr Kate added.

Dr Kate Boachie who has been working with Black Queens noted that there are some injuries that doctors, nurses and physiotherapist can manage for players to play so players must be bold to report their injuries to the medical team.

The tough spoken medical doctor intimated that when players hide injuries to play the ramifications are that the  nation loses because when they get to the field they are exposed by their poor performance which can lead to the loss of crucial games. Again, once players hide injuries from the medical team, they are denied the opportunity to receive treatment from the state because they cannot write any report that this or that player got injured whilst on national duty.

She cautioned footballers they rather deny themselves a national team call up when they hide injuries because when you are put into a game knowing that you are fit and your output is not up to the standard required by the technical team, no coach will invite you into his team and you end your chances to even play at the national level again because you under performed.

She however, admitted that there has been instances where players have reported their injuries to the medical team for them to go through the necessary surgical treatments, but the delay in releasing the needed funds for their surgeries tend to hamper the career of these girls.

“Worth noting is the efforts being made by the NC of the Ghana Football Association and the Youth and Sports Ministry to get a number of these injured female national stars treated” she noted. However, there still remains a tall list of them who are at home because of injuries they sustained whilst on national duty.

Below are the full list of injured players

1.Sandra Owusu Ansah(Unattached)

2.Rafia K.Alhassan(Hasaacas ladies

3.Ama Bennie Appiah(Hasaacas ladies)

4.Alberta Asante(Police Ladies)

5 .Pearl Boamah

6. Mary Entoah (Police ladies)

The likes of Priscilla Adubea,Adizatu Mustapha Kubra, Naomi Anima, Uwaisa Mawia and Sonia Opoku have all undergone a successful surgery.

Naa Bardina
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