Former Black Queens goal poacher, Agnes Aduako, has advocated to the Normalization Committee for every Ghana Premier League club should have a female side as part of reforms to improve Ghana football.

Football in the West African nation hit the rocks after the Number 12 expose, bringing all domestic competitions to its knees for the past nine months.

As part of the mandates to normalize football in the country, the interim FA where tasked by mother governing body, FIFA, to come out with reforms to enhance football in the country.

It is public secret that Ghana is a ‘football-mad’ nation but the level of passion and enthusiasm has and probably will always be tilted towards men’s football, relegating their female counterparts to the background.

In an interview with NB Sports, ex-Black Queens striker and captain of Fabulous Ladies argued that clubs in the premier division should emulate their counterparts in Europe by owning female sides.

“I will urge the Normalization Committee to include as part of their reforms for every premier league (male) club to have a women’s team. So that their sponsorship can cover (support) the ladies’ team.

“Because, if you (female footballer) don’t get the chance to play for the national teams you wont get anything (financially) from football. If you assess your career and you don’t make it to the national team, it means you have literally wasted your life.

“They (Normalization Committee) should include this as part of the reforms, because in Europe most of the clubs have female sides. Where at the end of the day, they (female footballers) earn salaries.

“So if such a policy was part of our football, we would have made a giant stride. It will even increase the level of seriousness from the players because they know they will be paid at the end of the day.” She concluded.

A change in attitude and proper policies, and structures will put Ghana where she belongs on the footballing map.

Godwin Nii Armah Tagoe
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