Ghana football and protests are slowly becoming like Siamese twins, dangerously inseparable.

Domestic football in the West African nation has been marred by protests since time immemorial, leading to various legal tussles between disgruntled clubs.

After the Anas expose, the belief was, football in Ghana would be sanitized to the point where protest and litigation will belong to the past.

Unfortunately, the worse is here again as Hasaacas are on the verge of launching a protest against LadyStrikers for using an ineligible player for their clash.

The disgruntled Western region outfit are raising concerns over the eligibility and use of Ellen Coleman in the game.

According to checks by online portal, NB Sports, Ellen Coleman’s International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is not in, yet she was used by LadyStrikers in their win.

Information reaching our outfit postulates that Hasmal wanted to use Black Queens duo Linda Eshun and Janet Agyiri in Saturday’s game but they were forewarned prior to the start of the game.

Hence, it came to them as a surprise when they saw LadyStrikers use Ellen Coleman.

According to deep-throat sources close to the club Coach Yusif Basigi has also decided if nothing changes concering their protest, he will also use the duo in the midweek game against Sea Lions