FC Bayern Frauen Train In Smaller Groups

Back in place after four weeks: After the men, the women of FC Bayern Munich also started training in small groups at the FC Bayern campus at Easter. This is done in close coordination with the club management, which is in contact with politics and the responsible authorities. The relevant hygiene regulations are carefully observed and followed.

Relief for team and coaching staff

“We are very happy that we were able to resume training in small groups, in compliance with the official requirements and hygiene regulations. Training with the ball, being able to see each other again and having a regular schedule is a great relief for the team and the coaching staff. This way we can carefully prepare for a possible resumption of play, ”said Bianca Rech, sporting director of FC Bayern Women. 

Small groups of the same position

“We train in small groups of the same position, best divided into defenders, strikers and midfielders. So far, we have mainly worked in these groups with a focus on position-specific individual technology. We also train with this division in the physical area and work on our endurance with various courses. The first few days have shown that training in small groups can sometimes even bring advantages. Of course, the time and organizational effort is great, but it is also fun for us coaches to see how well the individual training is received. Despite the difficult situation, this will certainly bring us forward, ”said head coach Jens Scheuer.

The training takes place in camera. So that the spread of the corona pandemic can be slowed down, FC Bayern asks its fans to continue to follow the instructions of the authorities and therefore not to come to the FC Bayern campus.

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