Formula 1’s only female steward Silvia Bellot set to become first female race director of Formula 2 and 3

Silvia Bellot has been announced as the first ever female race director of Formula 2 and Formula 3 from 2020.

She made history in 2011 when she became a steward in F1, taking her place as the first and only woman in that position in the male-dominated sport.

She was also the first Spaniard to serve on an F1 panel and in 2016 was part of the first all-female panel of stewards during a round of the World Rally Championships.

In February 2018 she was appointed assistant manager at IndyCar Series team Carlin Motorsport while continuing as an FIA steward.

Bellot will not only be the first female to take on the prestigious role, but at the tender age of 34, she will be the youngest director in the sport’s history.

She has always shown a passionate interest in racing and has not let her sex hold her back. She is now hoping more women can follow her example, saying: “I feel I have an extra responsibility because I am a role model for young women.

“If I can do it, it proves someone else can do it. I know it could impact on other women’s lives,” she added.

The role requires her to directly control drivers, regulations and safety throughout the race weekend: “I like the competition, the technical side, but more the feeling of bringing fairness through the decision.

“We are not the police, we don’t try to search for breaches of regulations. We are there when there is a problem to decide what is right and wrong. We always give the right to everybody to give their opinion. Sometimes we move on swiftly,” she said.

Source: NewsChain

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