Chapon Marion, The Attaché´ of Cooperation at the French Embassy in Ghana, has pat DUNK NGO at the back for their social intervention project in Agege, Accra.

Dunk, an NGO in the nation’s capital recently outdoored their latest project – Library – in Agege as a means of giving back to the society with support from the French Embassy.

Speaking at the outdooring, Chapon Marion intimated that the project will be a long-awaited panacea for some ailing situations in the community.

“This project will surely help to raise awareness about girl’s rights as well as to prevent early marriage and early pregnancy.

“By implementing a project that combines empowerment of girls through sports and engagement of the community it will definitely change attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health rights.

“Involving children in sports programme also allow the identification rate at which children and girls and to arrow them back at school.

“Given the right to a safe educative and healthy life adolescent girls hold the power to change the world as tomorrows workers, mothers, mentors, scientists and leaders in short when girls and women have access to education everybody benefits” she ended.