Valued Girls were anihialated 7-2 by the national U17 female team in a friendly at the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence earlier today.

The match was to prepare the U17 team ahead of their World Cup qualifier against Liberia in the coming months.

The head coach of the valued ladies, Amponsah Freeman believes his team performance was not bad, insisting some of the decision by the referee was against his team.

” It’s was not a bad game, my girls gave them much respect, you know, when they got here, they fumbled, I think that was why we conceded that much. But second half, I realised things were better.”

Amponsah Freedman believes that last 3 goals he conceded was an offside goal which shouldn’t have been allowed.

” For the first four goals, no, I’m not disappointed, but the last three goals, I’m highly disappointed because it was an offside goal.

Coach Freeman in accessing the referee said the referee did not help his side to push the black maidens.

” This is our national team, they need to he pushed so that when they get there, it will be better for all of us. I will say the referee did not help matters too. But over all, I think it was a good game” he said.