GFA ELECTIONS: Amanda Akuorkor Clinton In Her Own Words With Kwesi Adjepong

Ghana football is gearing up to arguably its fiercest contest as the much-expected presidential election draws near. Nominations were opened from the 16 September 2019 to Friday 20 September 2019 with forms available at the Ghana FA secretariat.

The Presidential election, the fourth in the democratic history of our country’s football, remains unprecedented on many fronts following the tearing down of the Kwesi Nyantakyi-led administration by wide spread allegation of corruption.

In the last couple of months, many names have been mooted regarding the men who may want to put themselves forward for the “football people” to decide the best person to lead the nation’s passion.

In terms of female aspirants, Lawyer Amanda Akuokor Clinton is considered an aspirant with no apparent integrity issues and rich international connections, which is paramount in developing the game.

Clinton ironically has more chances of winning this presidential election than Trump did when he first announced his election bid for President of the United States. Determined and a good negotiator; she is an astute commercial lawyer who has not been afraid to publicly voice her opinion or agenda in order to further her clients’ overall position.

It is unknown whether Clinton is older than 36 (the same age Nyantakyi was when he became President of the GFA as a practicing lawyer); however what we do know about Clinton is that she has forged a path for herself managing complex businesses through transformation and strategic disruption.

on who she admires in sports administration….

Lawyer Clinton said Ms. Fatma Samoura, the current Secretary General of FIFA because of her ability to disrupt negative practices within African football and be a vocal advocate for good governance in the sport.
Samoura also happens to be the highest ranking African within FIFA administration and a woman who Forbes magazine recently ranked as   Number 1 in their Most Powerful Women in International Sports.

on Clinton’s history with football in Ghana…..

When it comes to a road-map to sanitize Ghanaian football, we cannot forget that before the recent installation of the Normalization Committee in football, there was Lawyer Clinton who in June 2018 made a forceful appeal to the public, the government and F.I.F.A in Zurich that the entity that is the G.F.A cannot be formally dissolved because Ghanaian law does not allow for the liquidation of solvent companies.

on what her focus would be if elected……

she said ‘excellence and execution.’

She helped the G.F.A. stay now can she help it survive? Well that’s a question that will be answered by Congress which will have 120 delegates to vote on who the next president of the G.F.A will be.

on her mission if elected….

Would be to do what she has always done, touch lives positively through her position. If considered, she is one of the few candidates capable of staying scandal free, whilst persuading corporate Ghana to partner with them in lucrative sponsorship deals.

Her bold manifesto entitled ‘Metamorphosis of the Ghana Football Association’ discusses the further evolutionary stage the G.F.A will need to go through in order to truly be considered world-class.

She also discusses the need for Servant-Leadership in Ghanaian Football. Although idealistic, the manifesto rings true to a group that will need to band together and have one clear and transparent goal after the departure of the Normalization Committee.

Financially strengthening the coffers of the F.A by securing multi-million dollar sponsorship packages and broadcasting rights (including digital platforms) whilst ensuring that all money raised goes directly to strengthening Ghanaian football locally and internationally.

Streamlining administrative systems and staff output as well as introducing online and paper systems to track administrative output at the headquarters and at grass roots level.

Grooming male and female football talent for local and international games
Actively engaging all stakeholders in Ghana, regionally and internationally whilst pushing forward an agenda that football is great, transparent and advancing in Ghana. Turning around the fortunes of our football where it bleeds the most- local football leagues

on whether being a woman is important in the role of becoming the next G.F.A President…..

She said being a woman is irrelevant when it comes to the role and her sex never stopped her from being head of chambers at a relatively young age, representing G.F.A at F.I.F.A or representing countless complainants in the menzgold case whilst engaging the media to show case a cause of action.

Her ability to grasp evolving topics quickly whist focusing on the agenda before her sets her apart from any other candidate running for the presidential position of the G.F.A.

In terms of complete buy-in from grassroots football administrators she accepts this may come with time and working for the F.A’s overall interest is the only thing that inspires more genuine support at all levels.

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