GFA Elections – Mary Essiful calls for changes in reforms

The Ghana Football community will today, October 24, 2019 head to the polls to elect leaders for the constituent bodies with the entire nation keenly following proceedings with various interests.

The football fraternity has different views and hopes. Many female players are looking out for who will best administer the affairs, to change the fortunes of the women’s game.

Black Queens Grand calais Pascal football club midfielder Mary Essiful has added her voice to many crying for the betterment of women’s football in Ghana.

Essiful 26, spoke bitterly about the treatment they receive when called to national assignment.

Speaking on one of the women’s platforms, the former soccer intellectuals player said,

I know this page was created for women’s football but women’s football need a lot of help especially for club side. With the national side, we’ll plead with those here who can help us voice it out that, if players have been called for national team assignment, players should have that feeling of playing for the national team, especially issues of jerseys, which are worn by different players.

Same jerseys will be worn by several players for more than a year meanwhile its not same with the guys.

Women’s football is a bit different from the guys. Its difficult to get opportunities as compared to the male side.

Now there’s nothing like winning bonus after being changed for qualification bonus. Imagine spending over six (6) months to stay in camp and eventually you don’t qualify for a competition, you’ll return empty handed which is very bad. Some of these players have families to take care of.

We plead with the authorities that as they reform it shouldn’t be as it was before but they should let us see change in every aspects

Mary was part of the team at the 2014 African Women’s Championship and 2018 hosted here in Ghana. On club level she played for Soccer Intellectuals Ladies before moving to France.

Naa Bardina
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