GFA to put Women’s Premier League players on NHIS

The Ghana Football Association has announced an enviable relief package for all players playing in the Women’s Premier League as it is set to put them on the National Health Insurance Scheme.

In all, over 3500 players and technical staff from the clubs are expected to enroll.

Each club is required to register not more than 50 personnel on the package announced by the Ghana FA which must include footballers, technical staff and/or management members.

Announcing the payment plan for the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Fund, the Ghana FA added that $26,000 has bee set aside to cater for the the registration and other logistical activities of all the players and technical staff of the three sectors on the National Heal Insurance Scheme.

This will serve as a massive relief not only to players but club administrators as the heavy health loads of clubs will be mitigated if not taken off completely.

This package will offer club administrators the platform to take care of other pressing needs of their clubs as the Ghana FA shoulders their health responsibilities for them.

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