GFA – Women’s Premier League needs equal support – Madam Hilary Boaten

Chairperson for the Women’s Premier League Committee, Madam Hillary Boateng has called on male journalists to rally behind the Women’s League.

The Women’s League over the time has suffered media recognition that it should get, in an interview this morning on Asempa FM, Madam Hillary called on Male journalists to come on board.

” I’m appealing to the men to come on board and hype the Women’s league like they do for Kotoko and Hearts or Ashgold and King Faisal. So when Ash Town Ladies and Ampem Darkoa are playing, hype that one too”

Speaking further, Madam Hillary indicated that, until the male journalists visit the match venues to watch the Women’s league, they won’t be able to see the true performance the ladies put up in their various teams.

” If the male journalists don’t come to watch our games, they won’t be able to know the level of performances they put up. The perception is that, women’s game is often slow, but our ladies are very talented, so I’m using this opportunity to appeal to the male journalists to find time and visit our league centers and watch our games, I bet that they will end up giving up on the men’s league”

The women’s League has begun on a good note with some of the teams recording interesting results last weekend.

Match Day 2 comes off this weekend with exciting fixtures across all league centers.

Naa Bardina
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