Head Coach Sarina Wiegman signs two years contract extension with Netherlands

The Netherlands Football Association took to Twitter and announced that Sarina Wiegman will remain with the team for another two years.

The KNVB and Oranje Leeuwinnen national coach Sarina Wiegman have reached agreement on the extension of her contract up to and including the European Championship of 2021 in England. The existing commitment with the 104-time ex-international ran until the Olympic Games of 2020.

KNVB director Top football Nico-Jan Hoogma – together with general director Jan Dirk van der Zee responsible for the appointment of the national coach – speaks of the right woman in the right place:

“It’s not for nothing that coming to the top is easier than to stay there. So if you manage to become European champion with your team first and two years later reached the World Cup final, then it is clear how much quality Sarina possesses. But the ambitions of the KNVB with the OranjeLeeuwinnen are great, and the players group also wants more and better.

The same also applies to Sarina: continuing to perform well and at the same time helping the players to make that final step to the world top. All parties are therefore convinced that Sarina will also be the right woman in the right place in the coming period. ”

Wiegman is also clear in her ambitions: “I’ve said it before: I want to work with ambitious people and this Orange is the absolute top in that area.

You also see the awareness throughout the KNVB organization that we are part of a unique period in women’s football in the Netherlands. Everyone wants to contribute to this.

That gives confidence and appreciation, but also top facilities for the team. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a nice combination of having to and wanting to perform now, and at the same time being able to further assist the players in their development.

I feel very much at home in such an environment. I think it goes without saying that I am very excited to go for it again, together with my staff and the players, for a year and a half. ”

Naa Bardina
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