HONOUR: Brazil To Change Stadium Name To Queen Marta After AL Assembly Approval.

The Legislative Assembly of Alagoas approved on Thursday, in a second vote (16-8), the change of the name of the stadium King Pelé to Queen Marta, which is Alagoas and was elected six times as the best player in the world by FIFA. The bill is authored by Deputy Antonio Albuquerque (PTB).

New to the session, which had 24 parliamentarians, was the amendment of Deputy Silvio Camelo (PV), which suggests that the stadium has the two names: King Pelé and Queen Marta. Now it will be necessary to consider the amendment, which is scheduled for next week.

Only after this new issue is defined will the bill be referred to the sanction of Governor Renan Calheiros Filho, who can approve or veto the change of name. The repercussion of the fact throughout the sporting world made the governor refuse to anticipate his position, creating an even higher expectation.

If the governor vetoes the bill, then it will have to be reviewed again by the state deputies. Ten years ago, in 2008, then Deputy Timoteo Correia had submitted a similar bill. But, at the time, it was vetoed by Governor Teotônio Vilela Filho and left aside by the Legislative Assembly.

On the 25th of October the stadium will complete 39 years, since it was inaugurated after the conquest of the third world championship by the Brazilian team in Mexico. The idea came from Governor Lamenha Filho, who made a point of having Pelé on the day of its inauguration. The King of football also has his feet immortalized in the sports center at a ceremony held on June 27, 2010.

Naa Bardina
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