Black Queens player and new recruit of the Ghana Prisons Service, Juliet Acheampong has reemphasized her desire to play active football whiles working simultaneously.

Juliet was part of the six national stars that passed out successfully after weeks of training at the Prisons Training School.

A total of 423 recruits passed out as officers yesterday, made-up of 269 young men representing 63.6% of the total number and 154 young women, which represents 36.4% of the total number.

Speaking to NBSportslive, the Black Queens player shared the level of difficulty at the training grounds,

“It was difficult at the beginning, because I came from camp not too long ago and I got the opportunity to enrol at the Prisons Training School.

” In truth, it was difficult at the initial stage but gradually the difficulty reduced and I passed out.”

Asked if she can play football whiles working as a Prisons officer, the Black Queens player said:

“Yes, I can blend the two (playing football and being an officer) because since I am a woman I won’t play football to the highest and this job will support me in diverse ways” she ended.