Innocent Patricia: “My Dad Wanted Me To Enter Into Politics, But I’m Happy As A Footballer”.

Gone are the days parents decide on the their child or children career.

Parenting has gone just beyond making decisions on whatever the child wants to become in life as it disrupt the child’s talents, ability and mission in life.

Here, Sunshine Queens and Falconets forward Innocent Patricia shared her experience on how she coped with her parents and overcame their hurdle towards choosing her career.

” I started playing football secretly in 2006 then I was five years old in Amicable nursery and Primary school,Ajah.

” My parents never welcome that but I bribe my younger sister to stay in my mum’s shop and sneak out to play football.

” Nobody supported me in the family. Not even my extended my family, My parents always tell me that I’m a girl and not a boy. So football isn’t for me but for my brother.

” My neighbors understood me so they do lie on my behalf, they even beg my mom not to beat me if i come back late from the pitch I play football then.

” My dad said he wants me to be a politician. He said if he will be the one to sponsor me in my higher institution he will want me to study political science but I actually have interest in law and football but he insisted I should go for Political science.

On getting to Ikosi High school, Ikosi Ketu, Lagos, i had to live with my Aunt. At first I thought I will be free once I get to her place not knowing that it’s from fry pan to fire. I thought she will permit me to join a female team in that area but I was wrong. She didn’t but because of my passion for the game I trick them.

” So I put my training kits in my bag before my books so they won’t suspect anything. After school, I go to training. If asked why I was late, I just tell her we had extra classes.

” It got to a stage that I had to skip training because she insisted that I tutor adults in evening in her evening school but nonetheless, I still find my way to training one way or the other.

My father didn’t know that I still go for football training till my Aunt reported me to him. Though she didn’t know too but I had issues with her and she said that I should go back to my father’s house but I pleaded to stay with my coach so that I can continue my education.

” So, my Dad had to come and sign some forms with my team, that’s Royaltom Queens, Ojota. So that was how he got to know that I still train and he left me to do what I want. That was how I gained my freedom from him.

” I just make sure I performed very well in the team and get medals or awards to show my parents. My call up to the national team also made him proud of me. At least his child is carrying a national property at a tender age.

” I will go back to school either to study law or my dad’s dream career political science soon but I’m not leaving football anytime soon.

” To those experiencing this, all I’ll just say is, be determined, pray to God and work hard to achieve your aim, convince them by making them proud in what you do.

By: Hanifat Mustapha

Naa Bardina
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