Inter and AC Milan’s San Siro stadium to become the home of the women’s team.

AC and Inter Milan’s San Siro stadium could become a women’s ground rather than being destroyed, according to a councillor

Milan’s councillor for sport has said she isn’t ruling out the possibility of AC Milan’s San Siro stadium becoming the home of the women’s team.

Both AC and Inter Milan’s men’s teams will be vacating the stadium within the next few years to move to a new ground.

And despite reports in the summer suggesting the old ground would be demolished to make way for the new stadium, councillor Roberta Guaineri believes it could become the home for the women’s side.

The councillor has also suggested the ground would be reduced to a single ring for around 20,000 spectators.

Speaking to Calcioefinanza, she said: “Our position is very clear. It is a positive position for everyone, for the city and for the teams. I think that in the end common sense will prevail.

“Having two stadiums, one with 70,000 seats and the other with 60,000 seats next to one another does not seem reasonable.

“Women’s football is one of the most popular sports so having a stadium not only for women’s football but for all sports, including women’s, I think is a good thing.

“When it comes to economic sustainability, I have not yet made my assessments but will do so in the coming weeks.”

Naa Bardina
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