Former Black Maidens shot-stooper Azume Adams believes it is better to join the security services than seek a professional career outside Ghana.

Azume passed out successfully together with five other national team players (comprising Black Queens, Princesses and Maidens) who were part of the 112th course run by the Ghana Prisons Service for new recruits.

Online sports portal NBSportslive got up-close and personal with the former Black Maiden

“I’m very glad to have joined the Ghana Prisons Service and I’m also grateful to those who supported me to reach this point in my life.”

Asked if she went through any difficulty during her time at the Prisons Training School, the goalkeeper said,

“Personally, the training regiments is nothing new to me, so it was like a normal routine for me.”

Sharing her pearl of wisdom to her fellow colleagues, she opined that,

“If I’m in the position to advise any of my colleagues, I will urge them to join any of the security services because it is good.

“I am not limiting it to only the Prisons Service but the Police, Immigration and any of the security services.

“Because it is better to join them than to go in search for greener pastures professionally.

“As a woman if you give birth or get injured the chances of you succeeding in football becomes minimal.” she concluded.