Jennifer Owusua explains loan switch to Samaria Ladies

Every footballer would always want to go to the best team in the world.

As in the case of  young attacking forward Jennifer Owusua, her dream is to play for a team that will bring the best out of her and to take her career to greater heights.

Having left Ampem Darkoa on loan to Samaria Ladies three seasons ago, the national U17 star has revealed why she made that move.

In an interview with NB Sports: “I have played Samaria Ladies for 3 years. Yes, Samira Ladies could help me achieve my career goals though it will be difficult to distinguish between Ampem Darkoa and Samira. I requested to join Samira Ladies on a loan and having came here, I am happy.”

”At Ampem Darkoa, I will say we have equally good players, that makes me not have enough playing time even though I work hard. I wouldn’t even say others are better than me or I’m better than them, it all about a systems or formations the coaches want from us.

”Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating if you don’t get enough time to exhibit what’s inside of you, I needed a team that can help in achieving my dream as a footballer.

She added that, her expectations as player after joining Samaria Ladies has been met.

“After joining Samaria, I  realised the experience was okay though a little bit different from my mother club, I am happy here and my expectations here has been met, the thing is I wanted to play week in week out and it’s just happened how I want it.”

The Ghana Women’s Premier League is expected to resume soon despite increased number of coronavirus cases in the country.

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