Al-Safa, Beirut Academy, Eleven Football Futbol Pro and sports stars teams opened their career in the quarter-finals of the Lebanese Women’s Football Championship with a deserved victory in the first round of the competition, which will be played in the single-stage league system.

Some of the participating teams have strengthened their ranks with foreign women players to compete for the title, as the tournament system allows for two foreigners to be contracted for each team, one on the field and the other on reserve seats.

Al-Safa was the first contracting with foreigners, as he strengthened his ranks with the Jordanian national team, Luna Al-Masry and Ghanaian Alice Kossi. Eleven Football Football and sports stars are also bringing in players from Ghana.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly Brothers, Alia and the Beirut Academy, maintained their local formation, preferring to compete in the quarter-finals and compete for the title without foreign players.

At Tire Stadium, Al-Safa defeated South Stars 5-0 (first half 0-0).

The goals of the match were scored by Angie Saad, Alice Kusi (3) and Aya Jamal Al-Din. Al-Safa finished the first stage of the championship with five wins, a draw and a loss.

The meeting was led by Ali al-Ashqar and assisted by Fadi Mughniyeh, Rayan Mamlouk and Muhammad Deeb, a fourth referee and supervised by Ali Saloub.

For his part, Beirut Academy beat Al-Ikhaa Al-Ahly 2-0 (first half 2-0) in the match that was held at Al-Najma Stadium. Goals were scored by Yara Sorour and Romano.

The meeting was led by Judge Khader Darwish and assisted by Berisa Nasr, Diana Fakhran and Muhammad Fakih Fourth Judgment and supervised by Zainab Al-Halabi.

In the same context, Eleven Football Pro continued his good results after he had finished the first stage with the full score, achieving victory in the opening round of his quarter-final victory over Piritos 7-1 (first half) in the match held at Al-Ansar Stadium.

The goals were scored by Christie Maalouf (2), Melanie Ghanima (3), Evelyn Haddad (2), and Peretos Nour Njeim (error in the range of her team’s goal).
The meeting was led by Haneen Merhi, assisted by Karen Karam and Jana Haidar, and supervised by Hassan Ahmed.

For his part, the sports stars continued their efforts to successfully preserve their title after defeating the North Lebanon Forum 7-0 (first half 3-0) at the Fouad Chehab stadium in Jounieh.

The goals were scored by Dana Safa, Lara Belhwan, Laila Iskandar (2), Reeda Wahhab and Yara Bou Reda (2).
The meeting was led by Muhammad Al Harakeh, assisted by Iman Klass and Reem Attar, and watched by Abejyan.
Photo by Mohamed Musa and Joe Shamma