Liberia – Gbormue Not Worried About Determine Girls FC Captaincy 

Determine Girls FC Centre-back, Getrude Gbormue says she is not worried about her team Captaincy but instead chose to focus on her performance within the club.

Gbormue who was appointed as captain of the club  for more than two league seasons in the Liberia Football Association Women’s league has hinted that her biggest task is to help her club  Determine Girls FC win title in the upcoming league season.

“For me the more important thing than captaincy is how I perform for my team as one of its members,” Gbormue told Liberian Sports International.

“I am not under pressure at all because this is something that I am used to. I have always assumed leadership roles in school and clubs that I have played for”, she said.

“I have never asked for Determine Girls FC captaincy or demanded it. Even now it is for the club Board to decide on the captaincy issue. Whatever they decide is acceptable to me,” she added.

By Joseph M. Vincent

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