Mark Lawrenson questions Covid vaccine concerns amid outbreaks at Man United and Premier League clubs – Manchester Evening News

Match of the Day pundit Mark Lawrenson has questioned hesitation among players over getting vaccinated against Covid as outbreaks continue to wreak havoc with fixtures.

Across matchday 18 along, the Premier League have been forced to postpone six games including Manchester United’s clash against Brighton with the Reds having just seven players available. Their midweek trip to Brentford was earlier in the week also cancelled.

Aston Villa and Burnley became the latest casualty as their clash fell victim shortly after midday on Saturday.

The Premier League’s latest figures, released on October 19, revealed68 per cent of players had been double-jabbed.

Last month, the EFL numbers showed that 59% per fully vaccinated though 25% at the time had no intention to do so.

“Everybody basically knows what’s happening around the corner, we do listen to the experts, that’s absolutely fine,” Lawrenson said speaking on Match of the Day.

“I just don’t get why you wouldn’t as a footballer be vaccinated in this current situation.

“Going down the line, the other thing is for teams as we go down lower in the spectrum they need to play because of the money otherwise there will be teams going out of business.”

On Monday, the Premier League’s weekly test results for players and staff recorded 42 new cases, a record high in the league over a seven-day period.

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