Martin Skrtel on Anfield return, LFC’s progress and life as a Sunday league striker – Liverpool FC

You mentioned that you still followed Liverpool after you left. What have you made of the club’s transformation under Klopp? You were there for the beginning of it… 

As a fan, I can just be happy that we brought Jürgen into the club because since he came, I think everything changed. And also the trophies came – and this is most important. In the past years, Liverpool became what they deserved – to be one of the best teams and best clubs in the world. We have to say a big part of it is Jürgen, not only him but also the players, the club, the fans and everybody. I’m just happy because obviously I was there nine years and it wasn’t as successful as Liverpool is at the moment. But once a Red, always a Red. I’m just happy about the progress the club made in the past years. 

Did you know something special was brewing after Klopp joined in October 2015?

I knew him when he was at Borussia Dortmund, not personally but as a coach. He was successful there, he was successful at Mainz, so we knew a good manager was coming to the club. He’s a big character. He knows how to work with people, he knows how to work with players to get them ready for the game, to get them motivated. Everything just [came] together – him, players, club, fans. That’s why Liverpool is so successful at the moment. 

What do you make of this current squad? In your area, the team is so well-stocked with world-class centre-halves… 

I would love to be the manager if I had players like Virgil, Matip, Konate, Joe Gomez and Phillips. If you see the centre-backs we have, it’s maybe the best squad in this position in the world. They are top players and I would love to be involved if I’m the manager and have players like them.

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