Mauritania’s national women’s squad will play its first-ever official match against Djibouti on July 30 in Nouakchott.

Tuesday, July 30 will be a historic day for Mauritanian women’s football. Indeed, it is on this date that the national team (ladies) will make its very first official release, during an exhibition match against Djibouti. The meeting will take place on the lawn of Cheikha Boïdiya stadium in Nouakchott.

The wish of the FFRIM to set up a national women’s selection is finally raised. In its development policy, the apex body of Mauritanian football has given pride of place to women. Thus, after the regular organization of championships of different categories, women’s football reaches a new level in Mauritania.

National women’s coach Abdoulaye Diallo and his staff have chosen an extended group of players selected from the country’s clubs. After a long period of preparation, a final list will be announced to the public this Thursday, on the sidelines of a press conference at the headquarters of the FFRIM.

In the wake of the friendly match against Djibouti, the Women will return to Spain and the municipality of Alcúdia, to take part in the international tournament of COTIF. Abdoulaye Diallo’s side will face Bolivia (Friday 2 August), India (Sunday 4 August), Spain (Tuesday 6 August) and Guinea (Wednesday 7 August).