Morata family once again at the centre of insults –

Alvaro Morata and his family were once again the target of insults from social media trolls after the striker scored for Spain to level things up against Italy during their Euro 2020 semi-final clash on Tuesday night.

At the centre of the criticism was Morata‘s wife, Alice Campello, who is Italian by birth and was insulted on social media by her compatriots.

Campello shared the insulting messages, which even attacked the couple’s children.

Things like “Your kids are going to have a heart attack” or “Don’t you dare post pictures of Morata‘s goal or I’ll come to your house and burn you live on Instagram” had to be endured.

Campello’s response

Morata‘s wife lamented the messages she received and warned of the consequences if she was a ‘more fragile’ person.

“I’m honestly not suffering from any of these messages,” Campello wrote in a statement on Instagram.

“I don’t even think it’s a factor of ‘Italians’, I think it’s a factor of ignorance. But I think if it had happened to a more fragile girl, it would have been a problem.

“Let’s remember that it’s a sport to unite and not to give rise to frustrations. I really hope that in the future serious action can be taken in relation to these kinds of people, because this is shameful and unacceptable.”

Morata and his family already received insults and threats during the group stage of Euro 2020, in which the Spain striker was failing to find the back of the net.

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