Technical director of the Ghana Football Association, ‘Nyameba’ Francis Oti Akenteng is elated with the performance of players in the almost one-week old Normalization Committee Women Special Competition (NCWSC) .

Oti Akenteng, eminently known in the media circles as ‘Nyameba’ (child of God) sang the praises of the players participating in the NCWSC.

Despite lauding the players, the CAF Instructor reasoned, the players are yet to swing into full mode and they will need time to reach their peak.

“It’s a bit difficult because the competition has just started, and normally you wouldn’t find them (players) in their best of shapes.

“But at least, as a start it wasn’t bad at all, we are only praying that as they keep on playing, performances from the four fundamental criteria will be better.

“Talking about condition, technics and tactics will be varied and the psychological aspect of it will be taken care of, but for now I think am impressed.

” I never thought that they will be able to play to this standard, gradually it will come” he said

The action-packed competition will resume tomorrow, after the midweek produced some outstanding results.