Student footballer, Ruth Appiah, has intimated that LadyStrikers will visit the drawing board to address their inefficiency in front of goal after the scoreless stalemate against regional rivals Sea Lions on match day three.

LadyStrikers have had a decent run in the special competition picking up a win, and a loss before drawing their last game against Elmina-based Sea Lions.

Ruth Appiah, who doubles as a student of the University of Cape, cried about her sides failure to bury the chances they created.

“We really did well but it wasn’t easy. I think we did our maximum best. In football there are only  three possible outcomes, either you win, draw or lose.

“But all the same we give thanks to God because I must say we had a lot of chances but we failed to utilize them. I think we (the coach and the team) are going to work on that.” she told NB Sports

Ruth Appiah and her fellow players will have to fine tune their sharpness in front of goal if they intend to travel far in the tournament.