NWFL – Omidiran Babes FC back to Nigerian Women Football Amateur league after two decades

Omidiran Babes Football Club of Osogbo has returned to Nigeria Women Football League. Omidiran, the club’s founder and financier, said on Tuesday.

Mrs Omidiran told the media that she had registered the club which has been absent for 20 years for the forthcoming Nigerian Women Football Amateur league.

“Ayo Omidiran Babes FC is back to the league. We have been registered to play in the amateur league and, hopefully, we shall climb to the women’s professional league in a couple of years,’’
Mrs Omidiran, a former Executive Committee member of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), said.

The Federal House of Representatives member stated that the club was making a return because of her passion for the football and the desire to make a statement of developing young women through football and for neither a political reasons nor a post in the Nigerian Football Federation.

“Football is a passion and I am glad to return to full participation and this time to stay. The team which will be under the supervision of the Ayo Omidiran Foundation is expected to discover and develop young female players.

“These players will not only take Omidiran Babes to the top but also progress to play for bigger clubs in Nigeria and abroad. We want to take girls off the streets and help them develop their talents and move on in life.

“We are back for football, and not as some people are already insinuating. It is to contribute in developing the girls and football. I don’t need to own a team to be an Executive Committee member of NFF. No, I don’t.

“I have a foundation that is helping indigent members of our society and I just feel I can also do so with football which I have a passion for. That is what informed the return of Omidiran Babes,’’ she added.

Mrs Omidiran also revealed that a the club has been well equipped with well experienced technical crew that will handle the team and they will be unveiled soon.

“Members of this technical crew have been recruited, and the names of these team officials and management officials will soon be made public.’’

By: Hanifat Mustapha

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