NWFL – Pelican stars await government response over unpaid salaries

Amidst pain and agony some players of Pelican stars of the Nigerian Women Football league visited the office of the Cross River State Commissioner for youth and sports Mr Offa Aya on Wednesday to express their feeling towards the government action over their salaries.

Last month, NBSportlive reported that the players protested after being owed over 10 months salary by the state Government but their cry has not been heard.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent after the visit, a player who pleaded anonymous disclosed that the commissioner did not disclose the government reason for not reacting to their plight confirming that the male team has been paid.

” On hearing that our male team Calabar Rovers have been paid three days ago, I, the captain and the assistant visited the commissioner’s office on behalf of our team mates today. On getting there, we met the commissioner himself but he told us that we should remain calm and that has been the story since inception. She told NBSportlive

” We demanded for a means to reach the governor himself and talk to him about your issue but the commissioner said that he will talk to someone that will reach the governor on our behalf by weekend”.

” We even advised that they should disband the team if the government is not capable of handling it the way it should be handled but he said that the government will do something about it”.

“So, we have given them one week grace, if nothing happens by next Wednesday, we are going straight to the house of assembly to protest maybe, they will look into our issue but I pray we get a positive result soon”.

Despite their plight last season, the all time league champions who were relegated seasons ago qualified for the premiership category of the league and look forward to a good outing next season.

Hanifat Mustapha
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