Olympic gymnastics live updates: Simone Biles out of women’s final – The Washington Post

Two days ago, Biles did two vaults, which is required for qualification into the apparatus final, but Tuesday, she’ll only need one. She could do a Cheng, a vault that includes a half twist onto the table and then a 1 ½-twisting front flip, or an Amanar, a Yurchenko with a 2 ½ twist. She had an excellent Amanar during the qualification but stumbled far to the side on her Cheng. All of these vaults have a different difficulty value — 6.6 for the Yurchenko double pike, 6.0 for the Cheng and 5.8 for the Amanar. The maximum score a gymnast can receive is equivalent to her difficulty score plus her execution score, which is judged out of a 10.

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