It had been a great season for Nigeria Women’s Football League side River Angels. Sweeping every trophy in the year 2019.

One player that caught the attention of many is 22 years old Vivian Ikechukwu.

A native of Imo State, Nigeria, she joined River Angels last season and fast forward in the 2019 league season, she’s won her first trophy with the team.’s Hanifat Mustapha caught up with her “In her own words”

Introduce yourself

I’m Vivian Ikechukwu, River Angels forward. Breadth in Lagos, Oshodi to be precise.

As a female, how does it feel playing like a male?

Its a talent and am so passionate about it. Its challenging, not easy at all but I thank God am still pushing through.

On how did it all started?

Its all started when I was at a very tender age in Highgate Nursery and Primary School, Lagos. I Grew up in the midst of boys. I started as a sprinter in school days and after school session most times I play football with boys in school.
After obtaining my Primary school certificate, I went to Unity High school, Apapa Oshodi, Lagos.

There, I played school games and was awarded the school sport prefect in SSS3. From School games, I joined Real Dynamo Football academy in Imota, Lagos to know the Basics of Football.

In 2014, I Joined Cod ladies of lagos before moving to Abia angels after a tremendous seasons with Cod ladies. I’m now in River Angels all Glory to God.

Being female, what’s was her parents reaction towards her passion for Football?

My daddy saw the passion in me and wasn’t pleased with it because he felt it’s not the right for a female but my mum stood by me, she is the pillar behind where I am and how far I have gone in my career. Later, my Dad had no choice than to join the force because he saw how passionate I was to become a professional female footballer.

On how she was able to combine education and Football.

My Football career didn’t disturb my education. I finished my SSCE with good grades And l hope to further more in the future. It can be anytime.

What else can you do apart from playing Football?
Dancing. I really love to Dance. I play Table Tennis too.

When Did you join River Angels?

January 2018

How did you feel when you discovered that you will be team mates alongside Super Falcons players?

Its a moral booster. Playing along side likes of Evelyn Nwabuoku, Tochukwu Oluehi, white ibubeleye, glory iroka and many more…they have been a positive energy in my life and career. They didn’t make me feel intimidated nor inferior complex…I am treated like a friend, good teammates and family.

On Which player does she look up to and why did she choose the player?

That should be my team captain, Evelyn nwabuoku. Every thing about her is inspiring both on and off the field of play..Always a leader who accommodate all, listen to all and works with all…She has a free and delightful spirit, positive minded person ..She always wants the best out of everyone around her…We call her our Ambassador. Even when u want to give up and you see her pushing through, you would still want to endure and scale through it all

On whether she has Anyone In Europe she idolized

None for now.

Share a memorable event.

My first memorable event or experience is My first call up to the U17 national team. It was a great experience to represent the country in Costa Rica. I feel privileged and honored to be in that squad. Winning the Nigerian Women League last Season is the next. Lifting the trophy is something I can’t easily forget. We really worked for it and we go it. I feel honoured as my name is included in the list of the players that won the league for the team. It definitely boost my Curriculum vitae and I’m proud of that.

On seeing her team winning the trophy back to back?

We shall possess our possession. We want to make double next season, if possible treble to shock Nigerians and let them know that our trophy days has ended. On God always.

Thanks for your time.