The Disciplinary Committee of the Normalization Committee has finally dropped the hammer on Prisons Ladies slapping them with a hefty fine of GHC 5000 after their unsporting behaviour meted out to referee Theresa Bremansu.

Prisons Ladies have been slapped with a fine of GHC 5000, a 2-game ban at their favorite Army park in Sunyani, and have being given a 7-day ultimatum to produce the officer who assaulted referee Theresa Bremansu.

The experienced FIFA referee was brutalized by an alleged Prisons officer who was angered by the injury time added on by the referee after their narrow defeat in the 1st leg of the semifinals of the Normalization Committee Women Special Competition against losing finalists, Ampem Darkoa.

The indecent scene at the Sunyani Army park sparked a loud public outcry for justice to be meted out for the culprits involved and the team in entirety.

As the old adage goes, the wheels of justice turn slowly but grinds exceedingly fine and the verdict from the Disciplinary Committee is finally out, which will sit well with the public who sympathized with the battered referee.