Samaria Ladies’ Patience Prah speaks on changing stereotypes

Back in the day, people said ‘women are better off in the kitchen’ but civilization is speedily eroding that.

There has been a total change of mind and attitude with regard to career development, women have resorted to identifying the path on which they want to tow.

Football is the passion of the game, it is not surprising that, women have engaged in football as their profession.

Patience Prah’s love was enough motivation for her to choose football as her career.

Despite the rejection of choice by her dad, Patience’s resilient and eager to become a football player was due to the love she had for the game.

“When I was a child and still schooling, football is one game I loved and wanted to play, when our classroom boys go out to play football, I joined them but my dad never wanted me to play football,” she said.

”Often I had to throw my boots through the window and pick them at the back yard just because I want to play with the boys.”

Recounting how her dreams started as a footballer, Patience told NB sports of a man who wanted to set a female team which she agreed to join.

“I met one gentleman in school one day, he disclosed that he wanted to set a female team, because I wanted to play football, I agreed to join his team and play football,” he said.

”My dad was seriously against me playing football to the extent that, he hurt himself once in an attempt to take me from camp.

”It took the intervention of my mom to talk to my dad before he accepted my choice to play football.”

Asked how she managed to become a player of Samira Ladies,  Patience disclosed it was her coach who convinced her into the club.

“I was formerly in Sea Lion, I was sent on loan and I become a bit devastated and  decided not to play again, but when my coach who sent to me to sea lion heard of about me not in Sea Lions, invited me to Samira ladies because he was then the head coach of Samira, that was how I made it to Samira Ladies,” she said.

Naa Bardina
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