Super Falcons’ Evelyn Nwabuoku – In my own words

Every footballer’s dream I to be a winner and good role model to young and upcoming talents that the case of former Super Falcons captain and midfielder Evelyn Nwabuoku whom some players in the Nigerian Women Football league look up to.

Haven won trophies for her club and the national team, the River Angels captain, in a question and Answer session time on Facebook shed more light on her career.

Kindly introduce yourself.

My name is Evelyn Nwabuoku, I am a defensive midfielder who plays for Rivers angels football club of port Harcourt, ex-captain of the super falcons, the last child in a family of 9. From Delta State.

Please give a quick summary of how you started playing football, your progression and the ups and down you encountered in the course.

I started at a very early age, played with the boys that live around, started playing for my secondary school, played in the principals cup held in Lagos state then and we were the overall champions of the state. A male coach started following me up, came to the house to speak with my dad about me coming to train with his team. Was spotted and taken to ilorin while I was still in school, the rest is history.

I had ups and down obviously, first it was almost impossible because my mum beats me anytime I go for training or want to travel for a tournament, I practically do not tell her most times when I want to travel because she wouldn’t allow me go. She feels football is not good for a female child she doesn’t even want her male children to play.

My dad was a big fan but he wasn’t always around because he travels for work outside the state. He’s the only one who tells my mum to allow me play but it wasn’t easy. The only time I thought of quitting was when I got injured aside then I never had that thought.

But since your mum who was always around wasn’t involved in your passion, how did you go about your welfare/sponsorship during this course.

Lol funny enough the man that picked me up did not give me a dime to buy booty or transport myself but I had neighbors who loved seeing me pursue my dream, so I go to them whenever I have needs and to be sincere I take my mums money sometimes too lol.

I would like to know the various positions you have played in for the Super falcons and River’s Rivers Angels FC.

I have played from the defense line,anywhere in the defense and in the midfield too. Also as a center back and a defensive midfielder

You have seen it all in football. You have played National and international matches, Do you have any regrets playing football?

Never! what would have made me this happy, I have always been passionate about football.

Any other profession apart from playing football?

Yes. I am a business woman.

Looking at how the league went last season, with it being competitive even though it’s a four team format. What’s your expectation this season with teams getting bolder and better.

That’s the beauty of a league,I want to see a very competitive league where every team can compete and I hope some day it becomes a straight league that makes it more competitive.

How does it feel to be captain for your club and country.

it’s a privilege, an honor bestowed on you. There are big challenges but if you listen and carry your people along they’d make it easier for you because you are actually called to serve them.

What do you think affected the super falcons from qualifying for the olympics and what do you think can be done to avoid such repeating itself?

For me I think the timing of changing a coach wasn’t good and the choice of players during selection.

You are one of the long service players of Rivers Angel’s can you share your reasons for this to others.

This is because Rivers Angels exposed me greatly, I am attracted to the team in so many ways,they helped me grow as a player and a person positively.

Which was your best goal in the green and white jersey?

The goal I scored against Mali in the 2015 All African games qualifiers at the national stadium in Abuja.

Who is your best female player in the world and why that player?.

Megan Rapinoe. Because she’s strong willed.

Who was your football idol while growing?

Patrick Viera of Arsenal.

How does it feel to cause a Penalty Kick at the world cup against France in a crucial game and how did you cope with the psychological ordeal?

Terrible. But it’s all part of the game. Had to look on the brighter side.

Playing AWCON on the homesoil or qualifying for Olympics, which would you pick and why?


What’s your opinion on parents choosing a career for a female child especially those that choose football as a career.

Not good. They should encourage them,love them regardless and still make them see reasons why they should go to school too.

Would you want your girl child to play football over other sports?

if she’s good at it or whatever sports she loves doing I’d support her fully.

Who is your celebrity crush?


What’s your advice to upcoming female footballers.

They should follow their dreams while at it they should work very hard, be determined and dedicated to their job. Don’t go to where you ain’t valued.

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