Tessa Wullaert: I don’t think my future is still at Manchester City

The three time Soulier d’Or winner is out of contract with the FA WSL side in the summer, and there is a lot of speculation regarding her future.

The main excitement over in her home country is that she could return, since Anderlecht are allegedly keen to make big sacrifices to get her to sign, and with her boyfriend recently buying a house an hour away or so from Brussels, speculation continued to grow.

However, the Belgian side would face a lot of competition, with Bayern Munich, Atlético Madrid and PSV Eindhoven all named as potential landing spots.

Speaking to Sport/Foot this week, Wullaert gave a few hints about her future, and confirmed it was likelier she would leave Manchester City Women’s than stay.

She said: “I don’t know yet (where she’ll go). I don’t lack options: Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Spain. There’s even options in China or Japan. One day, getting up, I’ll have made my choice. For now, I haven’t done so, but I’m really not stressed. The project has to suit me socially and on the pitch. For the first time in my life, I will have to make a sacrifice on one of those aspects.

“Negotiations aren’t very intense, since no one knows when competitions will start again. It’s not even excluded that I extend at City. Last year, I would have certainly done so, but I doubt that a bit more now, due to the lack of playing time”.

Wullaert first expressed her disappointment at how things were going at Manchester City Women’s back in November, revealing she felt the changes made by then manager Nick Cushing weren’t working.

She wasn’t panicking about her situation then, and as she nears the end of her deal with the FA WSL club, she still isn’t doing so.

After all, if your services were in such demand, you wouldn’t be either.

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